Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Update on Stuff

So here are some things that I have done recently.

I went to see a few films. 'ark at me. I also watched some films via the magic of the Intarwebs. I also watched some of DVD, gratefully borrowed. Here's a smattering of each.

One of my "Films I Need To Watch". Probably because it gets referenced every so often. I wasn't sure what to expect from this film really. Wacky comedy? Tense thriller? To be honest I don't think it was that brilliant of a comedy. And there wasn't that much else to draw your interest. Some good performances, though. This is by no means a bad film, I just didn't think it was a brilliant one either.

Just okay, I suppose. I don't think I should dedicate more characters than that to it. Apart from maybe "why the hell was Ben Affleck in this? I thought he was a sort of credible, Hollywood actor?"

A pretty good film, some good performances all round and an inspiring story. I don't think it would ever make anybody's "best ever films" list but it was a very solid film.

Kick Ass
Everyone seems to be splitting their sides over this one. I thought it was pretty good as comedies go, even though it was apparently independently financed by the film maker it still has a very Hollywood sheen, which does tend to put me off, especially with comedies. Yes there is a lot of swearing but that sort of distracts from the point that it has some decent laughs in there.

Four Lions
Just got back from a paid preview screening of this film at Curzon Soho. Curzon Soho might be one of the nicest cinemas I have ever been to. A good selection of really good films, a bar outside the screens and a cafe upstairs. They clearly know their film, it does seem a tad pretentious but it is still a great place. I'm not sure it is strictly speaking an independent cinema - Curzon appears to be a chain - but still a good mix of independent and art house films. Anyway. Four Lions. From the maker of Brass Eye and The Day Today, Chris Morris. Absolutely fantastic. It was hilarious, the funniest film I have seen in ages about an obviously controversial topic, Islamic terrorism in Britain. There are some melancholy scenes towards the end, to make you reflect on what you have just seen but otherwise it is a absolute comic genius from start to finish. I might need to calm down with a decent sleep in order to give a credible review because I expected much, and it delivered more.

At some point I will add the albums I have bought, in summary they are Frightened Rabbit - The Winter of Mixed Drinks, Bombay Bicycle Club - I Had the Blues But I Shook Them Loose & The Maccabees - Wall of Arms. I'll give a review when I have listened to them enough.

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