Saturday, 15 May 2010

More Ramblings

So I probably should have mentioned I went to see Doves play at Troxy. Were they amazing? Yes they were. The crowd weren't great, they didn't really sing along and some people in the crowd kept chanting "gooners" at them. Also they didn't seem interested in any crowd participation. Still the band were good. Also after the set an image was beamed onto the stage declaring our need to "save BBC 6 Music". And quite right too. During a few of Doves' songs they played videos behind them, which was pretty cool. Also Cherry Ghost were opening for them and they were pretty good as well.

So now to some of the other stuff I need to say. Yesterday I played CS:S for probably the first time in what seems like a year. I was never particularly good at video games anyway (despite the fact me and some mates were in a Call of Duty clan and then a Counter Strike: Source clan) so I was pretty crap. Still, it was good to have some fun with a couple of mates, even if it was in a virtual world.

Yesterday was also the day I finally watched Where The Wild Things Are. You probably don't need me to say this, but it was a really good film. Yes it was weird. But it was also a fun ride, and you can take away from the film whatever you like. The special effects were well done, too - I don't usually mention that kind of thing for a film but they were particularly good. Apparently the wild things were just men in costumes, with the faces CGI'd on later to give them mouth movements and so on. It gives a better sense of immersion because it doesn't seem like there are just some big CGI monsters running around.

I suspect I may watch some more films today, and I am going to see Robin Hood tomorrow so expect some more sort of pointless reviews soon.

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