Thursday, 20 January 2011


I just rode the lollercopter.

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Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Did you know some consider "fabulosity" to be a word?

So now I have moved back to the Midlands and are back in the house, revising and working on my FYP. A skills test on Weds 19th January at 10:30 and a written exam on Thurs 13th January at 10:00. Joy. I am in a worse mood than I would be otherwise simply because I have had a cold since Saturday, and right now every fluid I have ever ingested is streaming out of my nose like an unhygienic waterfall. Fairly frequently my eyes will start watering and I'll unleash a sneeze as powerful as a grenade. It makes revision that much more difficult.

Also, seeing as the weather was pretty mild in Havering when I left I had thought to myself at least the weather will be warmer than when I left Stafford. Not so. At times I have had to wear the crazy-man costume of T-shirt tucked into jeans, jumper, coat, dressing gown on top of that and two pairs of trousers, tucked into socks - with an ushanka just to top it off. Currently I have am in bed, laptop on knees wearing PJs and dressing gown. Things are looking up, however as I now think I am getting a fever - so at least I won't be cold any more.

I thought I might as well post that I have now got a creative outlet - script writing. I have written a quick 5-minute-story script (but anyone can do that, really) and I am just formulating ideas for something longer, possibly feature length. I am thinking of doing more short scripts in the mean time, exercises, perhaps such as make an interesting script out of two people talking in a room or trying to write about things I wouldn't be naturally drawn towards.

There isn't much for me to talk about, currently watching West Ham v Birmingham - we're 1-0 up. This cold's making it a bit difficult for me to think clearly so I think I will leave it there. More later, perhaps.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

"I'm Cringing"

I decided to spoil my imaginary readers with yet another post, to make up for the inevitable lack of posts that will surely result from the start of the new university term.

Firstly there is something that happened a while ago - not that interesting, mind you - that nonetheless I thought I may as well post.

A little while ago I found some documents just lying next to the pavement. They were confidential, an assessment of some kind of some individual. I worked out the address of the individual and posted the documents to them, hoping it would get back into the correct hands. I left a note explaining a little about what happened and some contact information, and sure enough I got an email from the authority involved asking me to clarify events. Now I wonder - has someone been sacked because of me? I would hope they are disciplined in some manner - it was definitely a cock-up that could have resulted in much more dire circumstances - but I wouldn't want to think anyone lost their job because of me, particularly in the current state of the job market.

Although with that said it is still possible to find work. If you are disciplined, organised and motivated you can find a job - I am certain of that.

Last night I told some of my mates about a list I had written a while ago that contained everything that - at that time - I disliked about myself. There was nothing physical in the list, I should probably be insulted that people assume there would be, it is just aspects of my personality and character. Each point has a paragraph describing it in detail, I think there are 12 points and the whole document covers 4 sides of A4. They encouraged me to publish the list on this blog. I considered it, other people can do things similar, maybe it would be cathartic.

However I have decided against it, for two main reasons.

1) Some of it is no longer relevant or true. There is a part where I say I "don't have any feelings" and "nothing excites me". I no longer feel this way, I can be a bit difficult to please at time but once you learn to find pleasure in the really simple things in life it can make a big difference. Even if it isn't really hugely pleasurable. Just tell people.

I like satisfying buttons. Not the ones on clothing, the things you press. I like buttons to have a satisfying tactile response. I hate those buttons which are just a sticker or a symbol painted on to a hard piece of plastic. There is no raised part to push in, just a flat piece of plastic, you usually see them along the top of laptop keyboards. You get no response from the button itself whether you have activated it or not, you have no idea how hard to press. I also don't like touch screens for the same reason. I don't like buttons that are wobbly or "mushy" like most laptop keyboards. The power button on the slim PS3 is good. And while I think of it the PS3 button on the PS3 controller is good too. Well done Sony.

I may elaborate on other things I enjoy in another post but now we need to move onto the second reason.

2) It is too personal. There are times on those pages when I tear into my personality, and I really don't want to publish words so deeply personal, for the enjoyment of a few people. So no.

Oh and if those people are reading this how about we trade lists instead? Write your own first, then you can read mine.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

"That Mostly-Dormant Thing Between Your Ears"

Greeting, imaginary readers. By popular request, I am going to attempt to do a post that doesn't feature any reviews. Haven't done one of those in a while so here we go.

First of all: I applaud the principle behind fair trade produce. It is a commendable initiative, that cannot be denied. However it has - through no fault of its own - become just another tool for the bourgeoisie to emphasise their superiority of the proletariat. I know what you're thinking: "alright Vladimir Ilyich, it can't be that bad." However I have often overheard conversations along the lines of:

"I only buy fair trade - I can't believe there are people out there who don't buy fair trade, I mean it is just disgusting."

Oh fuck you. When did we become so self-involved as a society? When did we lose our empathy? I actually know exactly when that happened but that is another post for another time. Does it really not occur to these people that some people simply cannot afford fair-trade-dolphin-friendly-environmentally-aware bread for £3.27 a slice? Maybe I am just making way too much of this but it seems to be indicative of a society unable to see beyond their own bubble of self-involvement.

Now something on the issue of piracy (that being copyright theft, rather than the swashbuckling kind). People who create commercial content have to accept that their content can be distributed illegally. There is no way around that. What is really needed to reduce piracy is distributors to have a much more open view to how their presentations can be viewed. In the case of films this means having a worldwide release that is the same for every region, and the ability to see the films at the cinema - for cheaper prices than now I might add - but also watch them streaming or download them for later. Download and stream would be cheaper - DRM is a sticky subject and I feel you would never get distributors on board without a very secure DRM method. And an open one too - if such a thing would be possible. If you give the consumer options and good value for money there would be very few people who would bother with illegal downloads. For a lot of people it is the only way of seeing certain films. For others it is the only economical way to see the huge number of films released every year. If cinema tickets were £5 and streams\downloads were £3 the amount of piracy would be dramatically reduced. We have gone some of the way - Curzon are now offering streaming viewing of some of the films playing at their cinemas.

"Why didn't I say anything until now?
So much is said without a sound."
- Local Natives - Sticky Thread

Just thought I would slap a great lyric in there.

During a slightly ridiculous conversation last night it occurred to me: is it possible that some people can have nothing they are passionate about? I would say that I am passionate about socialist politics. Capitalism is wrong - for me that is all there is to it. However I can also be moved by film, television or music. Surely everyone has the ability to be moved by something? Perhaps some people don't like to admit it, in our constantly-sarcastic everyone's-a-cynical-critic society people might not want to say that they love something - Lord knows love is scary. In the words of Morrissey: "it's so easy to laugh, it's so easy to hate - it takes strength to be gentle and kind". I find it hard to believe that there can be people who would think it silly to be moved to tears by a song, or to be filled with joy by a film.

Be brave - admit that you love something. Or someone - now wouldn't that be a great New Year's resolution?

Bryant, out.