Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Did you know some consider "fabulosity" to be a word?

So now I have moved back to the Midlands and are back in the house, revising and working on my FYP. A skills test on Weds 19th January at 10:30 and a written exam on Thurs 13th January at 10:00. Joy. I am in a worse mood than I would be otherwise simply because I have had a cold since Saturday, and right now every fluid I have ever ingested is streaming out of my nose like an unhygienic waterfall. Fairly frequently my eyes will start watering and I'll unleash a sneeze as powerful as a grenade. It makes revision that much more difficult.

Also, seeing as the weather was pretty mild in Havering when I left I had thought to myself at least the weather will be warmer than when I left Stafford. Not so. At times I have had to wear the crazy-man costume of T-shirt tucked into jeans, jumper, coat, dressing gown on top of that and two pairs of trousers, tucked into socks - with an ushanka just to top it off. Currently I have am in bed, laptop on knees wearing PJs and dressing gown. Things are looking up, however as I now think I am getting a fever - so at least I won't be cold any more.

I thought I might as well post that I have now got a creative outlet - script writing. I have written a quick 5-minute-story script (but anyone can do that, really) and I am just formulating ideas for something longer, possibly feature length. I am thinking of doing more short scripts in the mean time, exercises, perhaps such as make an interesting script out of two people talking in a room or trying to write about things I wouldn't be naturally drawn towards.

There isn't much for me to talk about, currently watching West Ham v Birmingham - we're 1-0 up. This cold's making it a bit difficult for me to think clearly so I think I will leave it there. More later, perhaps.

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